Tourist exploitation of Channel of Castile

andersag Sáb, 08/11/2008 - 14:07

[img_assist|nid=601|title=Calahorra de Ribas Triple Floodgate|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=113|height=150]From Burgos Province Council, there is a political party, PSOE, that comes back again insisting on excesive budgetary resources assigned to Melgar and its shire.
Those politicians think that it is too much money addressed to our under-construction Industrial Area through the Local Operative Plan (POL). Pure demagogy to keep those with less resources away of means of development. Although every single Civil Service involved in this matter said that Burgos Province Council made things right and the money eventually was paid in.
We should remember that there is a Civil Service called Confederation of Duero Resources (CHD), which is controlled by the above-mentioned political party through the Central Government od Spain, which kept stopped outstanding infrastructure works such as the water purifying plant connection to Pisuerga river, the construction of the Industrial Area and the beginning of the tourist exploitation of Channel of Castile. All these delays due to compulsory reports and authorizations which were sent out of time.
Now, they don't agree with the amount of money assigned to exploit the Channel tourist resources. They are criticizing the late starting of this activity, even if they are responsible through the CHD. More demagogy, instead of actions. They could have solve this late start easily by asking the CHD to give the authorization in time. Everything has been prepared since July but the permission didn't arrived when it should.
[img_assist|nid=602|title=Bridge-aqueduct of Abánades|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=150|height=104]Not long time ago, there was no public investment at all. Nowadays, new facilities can't come into service on time due to the lack of commitment of some politic representatives of PSOE party. It's quite clear that there is a political representative gentleman elected to the Burgos Province Council who can't stand the melgarese mayor. He distorts facts regarding assignations to our shire and try to convince us that he's right, although he doesn't use his influence to help this shire to start a due economic growth. Anyway, we don't forget that Castile and Leon Government has too much to do with rural repopulation, rural economic growth and equality as well.
Personal affairs should be sorted out outside Public Institutions Mr. Jiménez. This village perceived what you are up to and our current mayor had a total support last local election.